“The work reveals itself as you go, it tells you what it wants to be” – Rick Rubin 


Music is about communication. Music does the talking. This internal exploration is done almost selfishly with the hope that others may also experience that unspeakable something you felt when the message came to you. Every note is there for reason and you have to learn to listen to your core, as your self-critic is not always your friend..

Simon’s early music universe was formed by late night mix tapes of Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul and Stevie Wonder. This was the first contact with the outer-worldly synth tones of the ARP, Moog and Oberheim synthesizers. ‘This was the point of no return, I realised that I had to have ‘that’ sound so I would just have to save up and buy those boxes’. Following the purchase of his first Fender Rhodes electric piano it soon became clear he would devote his life to this quest. Mixing, harmony, production, playing… it would all go hand in hand. 

Studying Jazz in Melbourne, Australia as a drummer turned keyboard player under Darryn Farrugia and JEDI master Scott Griffiths, Simon relocated to Europe and has worked with  Incognito, NDR Bigband, Deodato and Reel People and re-mixed artists such as Jamiroquai, Elton John and Bootsy Collins. 

On releasing ‘The Galactica Suite’,’One’ and ‘Prophecy’ around 2008, Simon’s own compositional and production handwriting started attracting attention. Tours of Japan, Indonesia and Europe followed including the JAVA JAZZ Festival 2012 following his debut LP release ‘RF Presents Simon Grey’ in Japan. After years of MD and sideman work Simon has now taken time off to complete his next album. This will see an exploration into new musical territory, working on concepts carefully collected and developed for over 10 years. Updates on the way .. 

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