Keeping the old boards running @ Nasty HQ on writing sessions. They need to be played every week or they start bitchin’ !

Shout out to this amazing crew at the amazing Berlin sessions. David Hanyes @dfingersh Roland ‘Lez’ Cabezas @rolandcabezas and Guy Sternberg @ Lowswing

Nailed in 2nd take ! Always inspired by this lady’s virtuosity and vibes. vocal sessions at Nasty HQ for pre release with Lana @allthingsalana

Jamming at new Nasty HQ

ARP AVATAR / Keytar solo tracking /  filming with Lenny @lennartmikael. The man’s patience is amazing as I pull some funny faces when playing.

@dfingersh David Haynes a complete inspiration ..

Sync ! she sings like no other ..

Minimoog Model D on bass duties for new pre-release track, the depth and punch of this instrument knocks me off my chair daily...

Lowswing studio tracking in Berlin of David ‘Fingers’ Haynes on da drums of stupidly long and epic album track currently in production. What a sound he pulls !

phase2corporation live in Hamburg!