Album production in full flight, been an intense but incredible time. Deep in the writing jungle with drums and vocal sessions currently under way. Session updates on the way .. can’t wait to get this in the bag ! Special guests announced soon also.

I want to really thank all Pledgers who helped me reach 132% of my crowdfunding goal .. totally crazy!  I am currently deep in production and writing for the album and will be posting updates soon ..

For live concerts please take a look at my phase2corporation project:

cheers, Simon

’TAKUMA’ is a taste of Simon’s upcoming album.

NEW from the NASTY REMIX and RESEARCH DIVISION ! Another taste of the upcoming album re-working UK’s funk outfit Resolution88 with a tribute to the great Herbie Hancock.

Boards @ Nasty Research centre.

Sessions @ LowSwing studios Berlin.

Alana @ Nasty tracking ‘TAKUMA’.

Nasty HQ

Drums sessions in Berlin.

Sync !

Bass tracking Moog Model D

Sessions @ LowSwing studios Berlin.